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Roofing repairs aren't typically a service that most homeowners concern themselves with until there's water dripping down into your house after a monsoon type down pour. Even then, the most common "fix" is to just put a bucket under the drip during a downpour. While this may save your floor and temporarily keep a pool from developing inside your house, it's simply not an effective long - term solution. The truth is, once water has started to leak through the roof, the problem ha s often progressed further than a just a simple repair. The result of many leaks can be long term development of mold and mildew build up causing the actual roof to weaken. Not to mention, the damage to your attic, the insulation, the ceilings inside your home and anything you might be storing inside the attic. Regular roof maintenance and roof inspections can help spot and easily thwart leaky or potentially fragile spots in your roof before they progress into full - scale massive roofing repairs.
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