• Renovations

  • Stallion Solutions goes beyond roof restoration by offering complete  services. Our team of home renovation contractors and specialized craftsmen perform kitchen and bathroom remodels complete with granite countertops, custom tile work, hardwood floors and cabinetry systems. We'll beautifully and efficiently transform or restore any space in your home or business in a way that brings your design ideas to life.  Brian will work with you from material selection and layout design to installation and clean-up.  Stallion Solutions is among Houston's leading home renovation companies.  Recent storms in Houston have required a need for Flood Damage Renovations.  Stallion Solutions are insurance claims specialists and know how to maximize your claim to make your home, into your dream home!  Get The Horseman! 

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  • Home Renovations

    • Whether you have been living in the same home for many years or you've just bought a house that needs upgrading, or if you've experienced hail or wind damage, a flood or fire and need to repair your home, there are many different remodeling projects that you can take on to give the house a brand new look and feel. Remodeling a home not only ups your property value but it makes your home more functional and beautiful. It will be like living in a brand new house! These are four common home remodeling projects that you can get started on today to create the home you've always wanted.

    • Bathroom Remodeling

      Another popular project is a bathroom remodel. Whether you want to redo the pamper room or completely update your master bathroom, there are many options when it comes to fixtures, colors and tiles to create a beautiful bathroom for yourself or guests. Bathroom remodels can be relatively inexpensive compared to other projects, so they are usually a great way to start a full home remodeling project.

    • Interior Painting

      Sometimes all your home needs to feel new is a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color of a room can make it feel new again and this affordable home upgrade can really bring beauty to a room that is lacking in style.

    • New Flooring

      Flooring can set the tone in any room. Changing from hardwood to carpet or vice versa will create a brand new environment that you can redecorate to breathe new life into the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or office. There are many different styles of flooring, carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, glass tile, natural stone and more. You're sure to find one that fits your budget and your style.

    • Kitchen Remodeling

      One of the most popular home remodeling projects in any home is the kitchen. With so many styles and designs you're able to create a kitchen that is is unique to your home and family. You get to choose everything from the custom cabinets, floors, lighting, countertops and more. It isn't uncommon to spend 10-15 percent of your home's total worth on a kitchen remodel as it can greatly increase the home's property value.