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  • Sometimes we find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature.  At these times, and with any other unexpected storm, your roof can experience damage within a matter of minutes and need to be replaced. Heavy Wind, Rain & Hail Damage can do significant damage to your shingles causing them to be frail, and susceptible to leaks. A Hail Damage Roof system compromises the integrity of your roof system and possible interior damage. Don't assume your roof isn't damaged after a storm just because you can't see any damage from the ground.  Flood damage is obvious but most hail damage is not visible from the ground to an untrained eye.  Call Stallion Solutions for a FREE no obligation inspection to determine if your roof system is still properly protecting your house.

    At Stallion Solutions, we are certified through CertainTeed as a Master Shingle Applicator and Shingle Quality Specialist company. All CertainTeed Shingle Quality Specialists are able to assist & guide you through the entire insurance claim process. In fact, insurance recovery comprises 90 percent of our business. As a Master Shingle Applicator, we've been extensively trained & educated in every aspect of installation and are committed to maximizing your insurance claim to replace your damaged roof, with a better roof system.  

  • Insurance Process

    Most people believe that because they pay their annual premiums, their insurance agent is doing the best to take care of them.  While that may be true in some cases, more commonly, insurance agents loyalty lie with the insurance company.  

    When the adjuster comes out to examine your roof, they are working for the insurance company, not you.  On the other hand, we are working for YOU.  This is part of our service as Insurance Claim Specialists.  We have the knowledge and training to meet and speak with the adjusters on your behalf.  We know how to maximize your claim and hold the insurance agent's hand to the fire, ensuring all the damage is accounted and reported.  So before you call the insurance company, call us for a FREE INSPECTION.  When the insurance adjuster comes out, we will meet with them and already have completed an inspection and documented photos to provide. 

    After we meet with the adjuster(s), they will write an estimate on the scope of loss.  It looks like script from the Matrix to the untrained eye.  We will assist you in making sense of the report and help guide you through your options on selecting the best Stallion Solutions roof system that beats your expectations.  

  • Replacement

    With our team of Shingle Quality Specialists and Master Shingle Applicators, Stallion Solutions can offer you a variety of shingle manufacturing options.  Designing your roof system is our area of expertise.  Selecting a new roof system is not like selecting a new hat.  There are many components that go into your new roof system.  No matter if you would like to upgrade your shingles or ventilation, change your gutters or fascia, install new solar vents or a new sky light.  Our team of experts and home designers are at your service to ensure your home is your dream home.  

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